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Product and Uses


Indowud NFC is designed for architects, builders, interior designers and craftsman. Products are available in sheets, boards and trim.

Sheets, boards, trim available in the below sizes.

Thickness: ¼ in to 1 ¼ in

Length: Custom

Width: Custom

Interior and Exterior Design

Indowud NFC is created for design. Moldable yet sturdy. Indowud NFC board can be easily shaped/cut with the help of conventional carpentry tools, just like wood or any other panel product. You can cut, nail, screw, drill, overlay laminate & veneers, print, paint or varnish. Indowud NFC does not easily splinter or crack.


All Weather Exterior

Indowud NFC is built for extreme weather conditions. Far superior than any wood based panels, Indowud can be used freely for all exteriors and interiors on boats, decks, outdoor furniture, pool houses. Indowud products are ideal for marine applications because of waterproof features and a light weight.

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